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Foundation Model for the Brain.


About Piramidal

From neurology diagnosis and personalised treatment to real-time monitoring and brain empowerment.


Who we are

Dimitris Fotis Sakellariou

Founder & CEO

Dimitris holds a PhD in Neuroengineering and AI, and has conducted EEG research for 12 years at St Thomas' Hospital and King's College London. Additionally, brings four years of experience in shipping to production deep learning products for pharma and healthcare clients, as a Lead at IQVIA.

Kris Pahuja

co-Founder & CBO

Kris is an expert in product and strategy, with significant roles at Google and Spotify. Led the content detection tool initiative at Spotify and drove Chrome OS's expansion into the healthcare market.


Michail Koutroumadinis

Head of Department and Clinical Lead of Epilepsy, St Thomas' Hospital London.Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology, King's College London.

Mark P Richardson

Vice Dean for Neuroscience, King’s College London.Head, Division of Neuroscience IoPPN, King’s College London.Paul Getty III Professor in Epilepsy, King’s College London.




Software for microscale brain network dynamics. Link


Abnormal microscale neuronal connectivity in dystonia. Link

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